Movie News Tidbits! 9/13/13

New Harry Potter Movie…Kind of.


All you Pottheads out there should be squealing in delight with the announcement that the big-screen will no longer be devoid of the Wizarding world of J.K Rowling. I love the idea that it’s going to be in the same universe, but a different storyline and set of characters entirely. I think a major problem with some franchises is the unnecessary need to cling to the same set of characters. For instance, Amazon Video ran a pilot episode for a Zombieland show. The potential for the show was astronomical, but it was ruined by the creator’s desire to keep it focused on the same set of characters from the movie, with none of the returning cast. If you’ve got a setting as rich as the “Potterverse” you’ve got an infinite amount of stories, all of which can be stand alone. The thought of having a this thing set in 1920s New York sounds blows my mind!…which is hyperbole, because I actually just think it’s pretty cool.

 Star Wars: Episode VI


The latest Star Wars trilogy has been a number of rumors floating around, some toting Abrams as the savior of the franchise, others not quite so optimistic in that they think he’ll ruin everything, which is silly because we all know that’s been done (all Lucas bashing aside Episode I was the best of the prequel bunch regardless of what you say to me). Still, what concerns me the most is the opposite of why I was so excited about the Harry Potter news. Star Wars has a massive extended universe, yet the rumors are that we’re going to have much of the original cast involved. This wouldn’t be detrimental in and of itself, but it could become a slippery slope of Star Wars nostalgia saturated crap, taking it from a potentially fun and exciting reboot, to something, still fun, but a little over the top on the winks and nudges (I’m looking at you Into Darkness (disclaimer: I liked Into Darkness, but come on!)).

*EDIT* We’re getting more prequels.

The Little Mermaid


First they said they were, then they said they weren’t and now Disney is saying they will again! The Little Mermaid, my favorite of the Disney Princess movies is coming to theaters. Nothing new really to report except that they’re encouraging kids to download an app and bring their ipads into the theaters. I’m going to have to brush up on my half annoyed half out-of-my-mind-furious-that-someone-is-using-a-mobile-device-in-the-theaters look. Seriously, last time I went to a movie a kid was snapchatting pictures of himself wearing funny sunglasses to some jerk, if I hadn’t been so worried that the little punk would have had a better comeback than me, I would have confronted him! Honestly, my biggest fear is that I muster up the courage to confront a cell-phone-using patron only to find out their child was just in a horrible accident. I don’t know…maybe I’m just miffed there isn’t an android app for it.

 Jurassic World


I’m optimistic about a lot of things. But seriously, Jurassic World? That’s the title of the fourth installment in the Jurassic park cannon. We can expect our favorite dinosaurs to (once again) get off the islands and into the wild blue yonder, aka highly populated areas. With each film we move further and further from Michael Crichton’s novels. If this movie looks anything like it sounds, we’re going to have the small world version of Pacific Rim, not that that’s a bad thing.

 Dredd 2


Dredd 2

No word….yet. Bleeding Cool has the scoop on the latest gimmick to get the studios attention. *Spoiler, buy the Blu-Ray on September 18* Also, Shmee is calling you to action.

Avatar 2






Season 2 of Avatar The Legend of Korra starts tonight!