About Popcorn and Peril

The film industry has, for the last 100 years created a world that attempts to mimic reality while at the same time exaggerating it. Film has created a parallel universe, a universe of possibilities and artistic creativity. This universe changes at the same speed as our culture, and on some occasions, faster than it. The rise of the film medium brings about thousands of works every year, of which only a fraction is seen, leaving the majority undiscovered.
When creating Popcorn and Peril, I wanted to make a blog that was many things. At first it was to be reviews on anything I happen to watch, then I intended to do mostly new movies and then jumped to the conclusion that I would only do older ones. I have come to a decision. Taking into account the sheer number of movies that are released every year, it would be folly to attempt to write about them all. Likewise, given the fact that there is such a vast amount of film that has been overlooked due simply to the factor of time, I cannot attempt to steer you away from all those I did not enjoy. Once a movie is out of theaters and no longer a new DVD release it dissolves into obscurity. I believe that the reason someone will rent and watch a movie that is past it’s prime is because a friend or acquaintance has recommended it. There are those that are adventurous, willing to pick up movies at random (either on demand or from redbox or blockbuster) and then there are the “film connoisseurs” those that watch movies for posterity sake, hoping to better grasp the medium as a whole, but these types are few.
Popcorn and Peril will mostly be a recommendation site. There are so many movies that deserve to be seen that will have few recommendations. I want to recommend movies to you, which is why you will see very few negative reviews on my site. For instance, I watched Dick Tracyfor the first time in probably 15 years. I was set to write a review on it for this site, but I didn’t enjoy it enough to do so. No one needs to read a negative review about a movie that’s 20 years old because very few people would even think about that movie as an option to watch.
I say that the majority will be positive reviews, however this will not always be the case. I don’t want to box up this site into strictly one category. I will, from time to time, review a series of movies, or do lists that may include movies I did not enjoy, but I do not want to waste too much of my time (or yours) telling you why you shouldn’t see a movie that you had no intention of seeing in the first place (naturally, if I review a new film it may be completely relevant to post a negative review. I am speaking mostly for older films).
I want this blog to be a place where I can say “hey, I liked this movie, you should check it out”. I want this to be a place where you disagree with me, where you recommend movies back, and where we can discuss movies. I want Popcorn and Peril to be a place where one can discover movies that may have blockbusters in their time, or perhaps a place to discover the joys of watching a cult classic for the first time.
In short: Popcorn and Peril is primarily a place to discover films that may have been forgotten or obscured by time, negative reviews, lack of advertising or any other reason. It is a place where I can write and discuss movies and film making. It is a place to rediscover the magic at the movies, where one can sit down and witness a thousand perils while enjoying a bucket of hot buttery popcorn.

2 comments on “About Popcorn and Peril

  1. But… you only get a bucket of hot buttery popcorn in a movie theater… where you watch new movies…

  2. You can also read it “bag” of hot buttery, microwaved popcorn, if you want.

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